Career Advice in Manga, WTF?!

I’m sure friends in NBS are sick and tired of receiving and deleting the never ending “spam” from Ms. TLL of CareerHub.

Just in case I get expelled from the school or something, I need to clarify that I appreciate CareerHub’s efforts in preparing me for the workforce and am considering setting up a special folder to archive future incoming mails.

I’ll definitely sign up for those workshops in due time, but meanwhile I’m more interested in “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko“. Read about it on Forbes during the exam period, and found the author’s concept really refreshing after viewing the video trailers below:

Daniel Pink – an ex-chief speech writer to Al Gore, collaborated with Rob Ten Pas – an award winning manga artist, to produce the first comic book on career guidance for undergraduate.

As an avid reader of Slamdunk and Dragonball in my younger days (btw you don’t have a childhood if you’ve no idea who’re Sakuragi Hanamichi and Son Goku, and that’s so sad…), I think manga business management books will take the printed world by storm.

By distilling key ideas from chucky paragraphs, and weaving them into a storyboard format, text-light graphic novels seems to be the way forward in our generation – a generation which is finding less time to gather information from the printed medium. Manga biz books are already being published in Japan, such as “The True Life of Carlos Ghosn” (カルロス・ゴーン物語―企業再生の答がここにある!), a series about the CEO of Nissan Motor.

Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen has created an excellent slidecast of the 6 key career advices in the book:

1. There is no plan.
2. Think strengths, not weaknesses.
3. It’s not about you.
4. Persistence trumps talent.
5. Make excellent mistakes.
6. Leave an imprint

During the school term, we’re usually too overwhelmed with assignments and projects to find time to think and reflect. Since summer holidays are here, do spend some time pondering about the basic and yet essential pointers dished out by Daniel Pink.

Off topic: Looks like Yeehung and Wookie can strike a potent partnership in the future, and have yet another thing in common between them. Me is you. Care Bear United manga anyone?


5 Responses to “Career Advice in Manga, WTF?!”

  1. boo! haha.. u’ll grow to appreciate them man… mine got me a job.. =D

  2. you’re the first to vandalise, congrats! does SMU career guidance dept spam you as well?

  3. i nv knew kaizen was 改善 haha.. they shld have told us that.. make more sense.. anyway i still tink planning is impt lol.. but not a master plan.. we need to flex it into a flexible plan and compare against outcomes for evaluation. crazily integrating aa102 into my life zzzzz

  4. haha, chanal and gohct will be so proud of u! i agree, change is the only constant, so we have to continuous modify, but a plan is still necessary to give us focus in the present moment.

  5. huihui Says:

    yeah, they spam us everyday. But we delete spam quite fast also la… coz the subject of the email they’ll classify for us what it is.. and we noe what email to keep and what to delete lo.. =D

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