Finally, a Morning Run Buddy!

Morning runs have always been a lonely affair. I enjoy the serenity, the revitalising fresh air, and the solitude to sort out my thoughts and to plan out the rest of the day. But having a buddy who can provide company and push me to run at a faster pace will make it the best way to kick-start my day.

I’ve tried asking fellow AMK Carebears to join me, but my mind games aren’t up to the mark to psycho them into swapping their pyjamas for dri-fit singlets and FBT shorts at 6am in the morning. Little do I know that I don’t need to become a bugger. The lift upgrading scheme at my HDB block will bring my running buddy to me.

Today’s run with 11th floor neighbour, Howmeng, was my furthest and most educational morning run ever. Starting at 0630, we jogged from our block to Seletar Reservoir Park and back, covering a total of – according to the cool Gmaps app, about 17km. The scenic view of the reservoir was stunning, and the life lessons that the family man shared during our run were invaluable.

Also found out that there’s a group of hardcore runners that will gather at Bishan Park every Sunday morning for runs, and according to Howmeng, sometimes they’ll run to the Zoo!!! We’ll be joining them next week, hopefully they aren’t thinking of paying Inuka a visit.


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