03S6A East Coast Steamboat Outing

Enjoyed a smashing steamboat reunion with 6A at Marine Cove yesterday, which ended off with a post-birthday celebration for Geok near the beach. The turnout of 16 people (Sarah and Gaoqin left before photo-taking) set a new milestone attendance thanks to Broom. Those who weren’t present be very ashamed of yourself. Food wasn’t filling but seeing everyone filled me with great feelings.

*Notable Highlights*


Ah Chen: psst, later we’ll go to the beach for a surprise bday celebration for Geok. You distract her while I…blah…

Dimples: Eh ok, where is the toilet?…

Ah Chen: ?!


Fireman Geok displayed her total commitment to public safety by blowing out the candles before we can start singing our dolby surround sound bday song.




答:因为馒头没有feeling (filling) !



答:因为他们有不同的feeling (filling) !



答:因为大包比较多feeling (filling) !




Source: who else but Darius


2 Responses to “03S6A East Coast Steamboat Outing”

  1. ha u’re so lame..

  2. it’s Darius la! your stomach quite weak ah..

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