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Posted in Friends, Life, Sports on May 14, 2008 by ahchen

Yujin and I had our customary post-semester long chat last night at J8 foodcourt. Am truly thankful for having such a principled, selfless, and insightful friend. Our topics ranged from uni, life, career, success, philosophy and project management.

Most touching: Back in Feb, Yujin invited me to watch his Hall productions. He paid for the $16 ticket and told me to enjoy the show. And he did likewise for several close friends. Last night he revealed his purpose of doing so: He was amazed by the efforts put into producing a drama, and wanted to give his friends a chance to experience a theatrical performance. The cost of the front row tickets (at least $200) was paid out of his own pocket, and he wasn’t even acting. He was the secretary of the executive committee.

Most inspirational: Earlier in the evening, Yujin attended a talk organised by Keppel. He shared some insights from one of the speakers – Nick Vujicic, and told me to search “Nick limbless” on youtube. Religious matters aside, I’m in awe of this young man’s determination and optimism. How I wish I can go back in time to bitch slap the ahchen in JC2, who cried like a wussy when he dislocated his elbow.


On a side note, I ran to the Zoo on Sunday with newfound running group – Bishan Runners. It was still drizzling when I woke up, which under normal circumstances, would mean hitting the snooze button. But life is more disciplined now, when I know there’s someone who’s crazy enough to leave the warmth of his bed and suffer in the chilling winds with me.

The running group was already warming up when we reached Bishan Park 1 carpark. Discovered that I was the youngest, and later on, also the slowest in the group. My buddy was Vincent, a pavement pounding machine in his late-forties who owns a private contractor business.

A combination of fatigue, hunger, soggy shoes, sore knees, and (insert other excuses) caused me to chui at the final 5km of the return journey. Told Vincent that I needed to use the Gents at Casuarina Prata, but slumped into a sorry heap under a palm tree when he was out of sight. A concerned family even came forward to ask whether I’m ok. Damn embarrassing. Managed to walk-jog the final stretch after a 20min rest, and was welcomed into the Bishan Runners fraternity with an undeserving ovation at the finishing point.


03S6A East Coast Steamboat Outing

Posted in Friends on May 10, 2008 by ahchen

Enjoyed a smashing steamboat reunion with 6A at Marine Cove yesterday, which ended off with a post-birthday celebration for Geok near the beach. The turnout of 16 people (Sarah and Gaoqin left before photo-taking) set a new milestone attendance thanks to Broom. Those who weren’t present be very ashamed of yourself. Food wasn’t filling but seeing everyone filled me with great feelings.

*Notable Highlights*


Ah Chen: psst, later we’ll go to the beach for a surprise bday celebration for Geok. You distract her while I…blah…

Dimples: Eh ok, where is the toilet?…

Ah Chen: ?!


Fireman Geok displayed her total commitment to public safety by blowing out the candles before we can start singing our dolby surround sound bday song.




答:因为馒头没有feeling (filling) !



答:因为他们有不同的feeling (filling) !



答:因为大包比较多feeling (filling) !




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