The Most Important Woman

Posted in Drawing on May 20, 2008 by ahchen

Inspired by Yeehung, I decided to take up drawing this holiday. After browsing the tutorial webby he recommended and flipping through Drawing With Your Artist’s Brain, I picked up the graphite to draw my first portrait yesterday.

The product after 90mins:

ahchen has absolutely no idea how to do the shading yet, so Mom’s eye-bags look like ba-ru-gu and her hair resembles mee sua. But at least she seems to be celebrating her 30th birthday. My Sis, a primary school award winning calligrapher, wrote the chio words.

Drawing trains your ability to:

1. see relationships of angle

2. see relationships of size

3. see relationships of position in space

4. see relationships of value (relative darkness and brightness)

Give your right brain a workout now!



Posted in Friends, Life, Sports on May 14, 2008 by ahchen

Yujin and I had our customary post-semester long chat last night at J8 foodcourt. Am truly thankful for having such a principled, selfless, and insightful friend. Our topics ranged from uni, life, career, success, philosophy and project management.

Most touching: Back in Feb, Yujin invited me to watch his Hall productions. He paid for the $16 ticket and told me to enjoy the show. And he did likewise for several close friends. Last night he revealed his purpose of doing so: He was amazed by the efforts put into producing a drama, and wanted to give his friends a chance to experience a theatrical performance. The cost of the front row tickets (at least $200) was paid out of his own pocket, and he wasn’t even acting. He was the secretary of the executive committee.

Most inspirational: Earlier in the evening, Yujin attended a talk organised by Keppel. He shared some insights from one of the speakers – Nick Vujicic, and told me to search “Nick limbless” on youtube. Religious matters aside, I’m in awe of this young man’s determination and optimism. How I wish I can go back in time to bitch slap the ahchen in JC2, who cried like a wussy when he dislocated his elbow.


On a side note, I ran to the Zoo on Sunday with newfound running group – Bishan Runners. It was still drizzling when I woke up, which under normal circumstances, would mean hitting the snooze button. But life is more disciplined now, when I know there’s someone who’s crazy enough to leave the warmth of his bed and suffer in the chilling winds with me.

The running group was already warming up when we reached Bishan Park 1 carpark. Discovered that I was the youngest, and later on, also the slowest in the group. My buddy was Vincent, a pavement pounding machine in his late-forties who owns a private contractor business.

A combination of fatigue, hunger, soggy shoes, sore knees, and (insert other excuses) caused me to chui at the final 5km of the return journey. Told Vincent that I needed to use the Gents at Casuarina Prata, but slumped into a sorry heap under a palm tree when he was out of sight. A concerned family even came forward to ask whether I’m ok. Damn embarrassing. Managed to walk-jog the final stretch after a 20min rest, and was welcomed into the Bishan Runners fraternity with an undeserving ovation at the finishing point.

03S6A East Coast Steamboat Outing

Posted in Friends on May 10, 2008 by ahchen

Enjoyed a smashing steamboat reunion with 6A at Marine Cove yesterday, which ended off with a post-birthday celebration for Geok near the beach. The turnout of 16 people (Sarah and Gaoqin left before photo-taking) set a new milestone attendance thanks to Broom. Those who weren’t present be very ashamed of yourself. Food wasn’t filling but seeing everyone filled me with great feelings.

*Notable Highlights*


Ah Chen: psst, later we’ll go to the beach for a surprise bday celebration for Geok. You distract her while I…blah…

Dimples: Eh ok, where is the toilet?…

Ah Chen: ?!


Fireman Geok displayed her total commitment to public safety by blowing out the candles before we can start singing our dolby surround sound bday song.




答:因为馒头没有feeling (filling) !



答:因为他们有不同的feeling (filling) !



答:因为大包比较多feeling (filling) !




Source: who else but Darius

Lessons from a witty, wealthy, and way-down-to-earth old man

Posted in Career, Life on May 8, 2008 by ahchen

Came across an article on Warren Buffet at CNN Money this morning, and decided to blog a short entry on this great man.

The Berkshire Hathaway CEO is a role model whom I looked up to, in terms of how to live one’s life and investing philosophy. At the tender age of 77, he tap-dances to work everyday (as quoted in his annual letters to shareholders), and is still having great fun analysing companies’ financial statements.

View a quick intro of Warren Buffet and his fundamental analysis approach to investing below:

Watch the videos below too, it’ll save you $600,000. Warren Buffet was the star of the show with his humour, while Bill Gates was as entertaining as a Windows error message command prompt.

Finally, a Morning Run Buddy!

Posted in Sports on May 5, 2008 by ahchen

Morning runs have always been a lonely affair. I enjoy the serenity, the revitalising fresh air, and the solitude to sort out my thoughts and to plan out the rest of the day. But having a buddy who can provide company and push me to run at a faster pace will make it the best way to kick-start my day.

I’ve tried asking fellow AMK Carebears to join me, but my mind games aren’t up to the mark to psycho them into swapping their pyjamas for dri-fit singlets and FBT shorts at 6am in the morning. Little do I know that I don’t need to become a bugger. The lift upgrading scheme at my HDB block will bring my running buddy to me.

Today’s run with 11th floor neighbour, Howmeng, was my furthest and most educational morning run ever. Starting at 0630, we jogged from our block to Seletar Reservoir Park and back, covering a total of – according to the cool Gmaps app, about 17km. The scenic view of the reservoir was stunning, and the life lessons that the family man shared during our run were invaluable.

Also found out that there’s a group of hardcore runners that will gather at Bishan Park every Sunday morning for runs, and according to Howmeng, sometimes they’ll run to the Zoo!!! We’ll be joining them next week, hopefully they aren’t thinking of paying Inuka a visit.

1 Marathon, 1 Night, 1 Month

Posted in Sports on April 29, 2008 by ahchen

First Half Marathon (Oct 2007)

Timing: 2:06:45

Training: 2 days

Pain Factor: 3 weeks of duck wobbling down the stairs

First Full Marathon (2 Dec 2007)

Timing: 6:56:09

Training: 1 week

Pain Factor: none physically, but egoistically, it was excruciating

Second Full Marathon (31 May 2008)

Timing: ???

Training: 1 month

Pain Factor: ???

With a morning running regime in place, hopefully I can clock a good timing without ruining my knees. And I have two 7-7-7 men to draw inspiration from, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dave Heeley.

They are the first two men to achieve the feat of running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. Sir Ranulph has had a double heart bypass, and Dave is visually handicapped. Amazing stuff.

Catch Sir Ranulph below,

and watch Dave‘s compilation of runs here.

Career Advice in Manga, WTF?!

Posted in Career on April 27, 2008 by ahchen

I’m sure friends in NBS are sick and tired of receiving and deleting the never ending “spam” from Ms. TLL of CareerHub.

Just in case I get expelled from the school or something, I need to clarify that I appreciate CareerHub’s efforts in preparing me for the workforce and am considering setting up a special folder to archive future incoming mails.

I’ll definitely sign up for those workshops in due time, but meanwhile I’m more interested in “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko“. Read about it on Forbes during the exam period, and found the author’s concept really refreshing after viewing the video trailers below:

Daniel Pink – an ex-chief speech writer to Al Gore, collaborated with Rob Ten Pas – an award winning manga artist, to produce the first comic book on career guidance for undergraduate.

As an avid reader of Slamdunk and Dragonball in my younger days (btw you don’t have a childhood if you’ve no idea who’re Sakuragi Hanamichi and Son Goku, and that’s so sad…), I think manga business management books will take the printed world by storm.

By distilling key ideas from chucky paragraphs, and weaving them into a storyboard format, text-light graphic novels seems to be the way forward in our generation – a generation which is finding less time to gather information from the printed medium. Manga biz books are already being published in Japan, such as “The True Life of Carlos Ghosn” (カルロス・ゴーン物語―企業再生の答がここにある!), a series about the CEO of Nissan Motor.

Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen has created an excellent slidecast of the 6 key career advices in the book:

1. There is no plan.
2. Think strengths, not weaknesses.
3. It’s not about you.
4. Persistence trumps talent.
5. Make excellent mistakes.
6. Leave an imprint

During the school term, we’re usually too overwhelmed with assignments and projects to find time to think and reflect. Since summer holidays are here, do spend some time pondering about the basic and yet essential pointers dished out by Daniel Pink.

Off topic: Looks like Yeehung and Wookie can strike a potent partnership in the future, and have yet another thing in common between them. Me is you. Care Bear United manga anyone?